Back from the Czech Republic

Apologies to all regarding my absence.  It’s been hectic trying to figure everything out from getting the information from the proper authorities to trying to piece every bit of information together because this is a rather perplexing puzzle.

It’s all rather disappointing, to be honest.  It’s been so long yet so little is known.  After taking samples from the spill, we’ve been desperately trying to separate the chemicals from each other.  It’s not very easy after they’ve been mixed together and they’ve reacted to each other several times over.  The company who was transporting the chemicals to be disposed of have been tight-lipped, not wanting to take any blame for what’s happened.

The chemicals we have successfully found, to our knowledge, haven’t the properties to do what has miraculously happened, bring the dead back to life.  It may forever be a mystery.

From the information we’ve gathered, this is how the circumstances went on.  The truck swerved off the road and crashed into the gates of the nearby cemetery.  The tanker was torn open and the chemical contents poured into the small cemetery, basically filling it like a pool.  The liquid seeped into the ground and open holes where the seepage got into the recently buried coffins.  The coffins aren’t of metal or tight wood constructs like most of you may know, these were made of thin, sometimes rotten, wood.  So the chemicals easily entered into the bodies of the deceased.  Through our investigation of the scene, there was a nearby underground electric cable with poor insulation running alongside the cemetery.  It is possible that a current was put through the chemicals and may have, to put it bluntly, re-booted the brains of those that were dead.  That’s the theory that we’ve been working with of late, the chemical spill alone couldn’t possibly do what we’ve seen.  However an electrical charge could’ve helped the situation.

We’re currently running tests using liquid samples with electrical charges to see if we could replicate the accident.  In time, we could have a breakthrough.  Or a mystery that has lasted for ages and will continue as such.



About sasrguide

I'm 30. I used to live in New Orleans, Louisiana. A vampire killed my family at age 16 and I've been killing supernatural creatures with the aid of the Society for the Advancement of Supernatural Research's Johan Burlap ever since.
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One Response to Back from the Czech Republic

  1. John Davidson says:

    Sounds like you guys had your hands pretty full. Glad to see this didn’t escalate into bigger of an incident..

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